Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today I received my EZ loot. :)
I splurged and just bought them. They were on sale of course. I know my knitting friends are sharing in my glee.


  1. oh how exciting...I was looking at Knitting Without Tears just yesterday. I just know your going to learn so much from those books!

    Happy Knitting!

  2. Yes! Your knitting life will never be the same again. Knitting Around is my favourite by far. I have the DVDs too and it's wonderful to watch Meg & EZ together while you knit along to one of the patterns. The best knitting books I have by FAR.

  3. Haven't knit for a few weeks. I'm currently tatting, but I am happy for you! Nothing more exciting thatn new needlework books! I got one for Christmas from my daughter!

  4. Great job! I've heard that Elizabeth Zimmerman is amazing, although I myself haven't read or seen much of her work.

    I recently found the second Mason-Dixon knitting book at an office supply store for eight dollars. The cool thing is that it is normally $30! Aren't sales wonderful? ESPECIALLY when they involve knitting! :)