Saturday, January 29, 2011


I went to a gathering of ladies yesterday and was quite inspired by a fellow knitter. She knits and sells her items on Etsy. I have an Etsy page, but after a less than successful attempt to sell crocheted hot pads, I kind of gave up. But, alas, that was crocheting and this is knitting. I can knit better than I can crochet. So I have decided to try again. Smaller, quicker knitted items may be on the agenda first. Larger items later. I have been knitting mostly socks since early fall. I think I need a diversion. While I love to knit useful items for my family....I think I need to expand.
My husband is down at his son's house and my daughter and I plan to sit snugly in the house, eating homemade chicky noodle soup, watching girly movies and knitting. The free pattern downloads from Ravelry should give us a few afternoon inspirations.

Week in review: Read the obituary of an old school mate that died too young. Worked on knitting socks for The Daughter, house work, part-time job, walked the dog 315 times, (o.k. not that many really, but you know what I mean, right? a whole lotta times), lived through my one billionth head cold (again....not that many), shoveled the side walk, knit on socks, shoveled the walk again and again, etc. visited with my mom and sisters, went to church twice, the library, piano lesson, blogged a bit, watched the president on TV, drank 4 pots of coffee,home educated The Daughter and got jealous at Debbie's warm south Texas weather. So....I guess you could say...I have been busy. Today.....the couch is my friend and the tissue box. :)
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Thrilled to be the first to comment! I can't wait to see what you come up with for new knitting ideas. I'd like to hear more about your Etsy sales. I've considered it. I too went to a spinning/knitting group on Wednesday where a lady was offering sweaters for sale! We just watched, "Miss Potter" last evening. If you haven't seen it I'd HIGHLY recommend it. Wonderful! I've been doing pretty much as you say, knitting, tatting, painting, and watching movies when all the work's done. Even ate homemade chicken and noodles last night--really homemade--one of our own chickenes raised last spring. Have fun!

  2. I tried to comment the other day on this post, maybe it didn't "take" for some reason. I will be anxious to see the new knitted projects. We just ate chick and noodles the other night too and are watching lots of movies!

  3. Chicken noodle soup, mmmm. Perfect for a cold day. Good luck with the Etsy refurb!

  4. Hi!
    I would like to find some of the patterns you have used on Ravelry. I am Mom7plus. Who are you, there? Hee-Hee, that sounds like a strange question!
    I enjoy your posts when I get a chance to be on the computer!
    Thank you for your help.