Saturday, December 18, 2010

Out and About

Today, Maggie and I will be out and about the town to do some Christmas shopping. We need to look for a present(s) for The Husband and pick up some ingredients for next weeks 'fun' cooking. We are going to make "Aimee's Russian Tea" and some cinnamon rolls and whatever else sounds fun. We need to decide what our Christmas Eve dinner will far it is leaning toward pizza from Maggie's favorite pizza parlor. (We usually exchange gifts on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning because, well, frankly, Santa has never been to our house. ) I will also look at a certain store for some cast iron cookware. I like Lodge. Of course, we will stop by Jo Ann's at some point today. I sense there is yarn calling my name.
But, before we leave, I will surf the web for some great crock pot recipes. I took a part time job, a few evenings a week and although Maggie is quite willing and helpful to cook,it would be a nice break for her to just have to serve it instead of cook the whole meal. So if you have any great little slow cooker recipes, just let me know.


  1. Hi, just popped in to see how you're doing, I hope the shopping went ok.

  2. Sorry I'm so late to post a comment, the pre-Christmas rush is getting on top of me, I think! I hope you had a good day shopping on Saturday!