Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enter to Win

For my friends in the U.S. or Canada, Knit Picks is having a drawing for a couple goodies. Go here to enter. (it is the Fresh Start Contest). YOUR chances of winning will be better since I have entered too! You see, I never win any giveaways. I wish I felt the same way about bridges and such. You see, I KNOW that when I cross a bridge, MY CAR WILL CAREEN OFF THE SIDE INTO THE DEPTHS BELOW. Honest. My poor husband and daughter can attest to that. I drive them nuts. My husband says that for all of the billion to one things that ARE GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME....I should play the lottery! So anyway....maybe you or even ME will win the Knit Picks giveaway. Ha. Good luck! O.K. no such thing as luck...and I will probably never go flailing off the side of a bridge or win the lottery or get struck by lightning...but you never know. :)


  1. We have a lot in common! I never win anything, and I hate driving or walking on or under bridges. I just know I'm going to go flying off the thing, or it's going to come crashing down. :)

  2. Funny that you mentioned that particular fear. I never gave it much thought until after 9/11. After that day, I developed an unfounded fear of bridges! Wierd connection, huh? I have to cross a bridge everyday going to Beaumont. I do ok unless there is a traffic jam - then I have to pray alot!

    And, I never win anything!