Sunday, July 26, 2009

Year of the Pie - Pie #3 Banana Cream Pie

I am thrilled that we have actually made it three weeks!

Pie #3 - Banana Cream Pie

I haven't eaten many of these in my life and have made ZERO, until this week's pie. My daughter and I made this and as in weeks past, took one pie to church to share and one for the fridge. was a hit at church. ( I think our group just likes pies) It is so tasty, that I am going to share the recipe with you so you too can partake in this culinary joy.
It hails from the "Joy of Cooking, All About Pies and Tarts" book. One might be able to check it out at your library, except if you are my sister. She won't be able to find it there because it is at my house. :) {watalulu laughs maniacally)

Flaky Pastry Dough for two 9-inch pie crusts. [ this is a very nice crust)
For one pie, just half this or freeze half the dough for future use.
Mix in a bowl:
2½ C. all purpose flour
1 t. white sugar
1 t. salt

1 C. vegetable shortening
(Break the shortening into large chunks). Using a pastry blender cut the fat into the dry ingredients. When you are through some of the fat should remain in pea-sized pieces; the rest should be reduced to the consistency of coarse crumbs or cornmeal.
Drizzle over the flour/fat mixture:
1/3 C. plus 1 T. ice water.
Using a rubber spatula, cut with the blade side until small balls begin to form. Press down on the dough with the flat side of the spatula. If the balls of dough stick together, you have added enough water, if not add 1 to 2 T. of ice water. Divide the dough in half, press each half into a thick, flat disk and wrap tightly in plastic. Refrigerate for at lease 30 minutes.
Roll the dough out and fit into the pie pan. Preheat oven to 400°. Bake weighted with aluminum foil filled with dry beans or rice for 20 minutes, then remove weights and prick the crust thoroughly with a fork, return it to the oven and bake 5-10 minutes for the golden brown all over look.

Now for the good stuff.
(This is only for ONE pie. You will need to double this recipe to match the above crust recipe)
Whisk in a medium, heavy saucepan until well blended:
2/3 C. sugar
1/4 C. cornstarch
1/4 t. salt

Gradually whisk in:
2½ C. whole milk
Vigorously whisk in until egg yolks are completely blended and no yellow streaks remain:
5 large egg yolks
Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a bare simmer over medium heat. Remove from the heat and whisk until smooth. Return to heat, whisking constantly, bring to simmer, cook for 30 seconds. Remove the pan from the heat and whisk in :
2 to 3 T. unsalted butter cut into small pieces
1 T. vanilla

To make this a banana cream pie:
Thinly slice 2 to 4 firm ripe bananas (1½ to 2 C.) Spoon a third of the filling into the pie shell and then a layer of bananas, then another third of the filling and layer of bananas and then the final third of the filling.
Press plastic wrap directly on the surface of pie and refrigerate 3 hours for the filling to firm.

Until next time.

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