Monday, July 20, 2009

Year of the Pie - Pie #2 Blueberry Pie

Pie #2 - Blueberry

This week's pie choice was Blueberry! I have never eaten a blueberry pie-EVER! Betty Crocker gave a recipe for fresh blueberry pie and so we went for it. We had enough blueberries for two pies. My daughter's pie had a tsp. of optional cinnamon, while my pie did not. We also both used lard in our crust to see if it really made a difference. King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion says it makes for a flaky crust.

So, we got our respective pies baked and she took hers to church last evening for 'judging'. Most everyone who tasted it said that the pie was good and the crust was flaky, except one fella, who said the blueberries weren't ripe-too tart-they should be sweet, and the cinnamon was not a good thing. O.K. So at home (we had saved a piece of her pie at home in the fridge) my husband and I did the taste test between the two and we both liked the non-cinnamon version better. The berries were a little tart, but still good.

What is your take on it? Is a good blueberry pie supposed to be sweet or have just a little 'bite' to it?

These are the different stages of my daughter's pie

If you have any recipes or comments that you would like to share, please do!

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This pie actually got better as they days went by. Cold right of the fridge was great.

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