Sunday, March 30, 2014

...Vamil the alpaca

 Each bag seemed to have a name written on it.  This one had Vamil. It is absolutely beautiful.  So crimpy.

Pulled out a hunk from the bag and this is what it looked like. Very cool.  Kind of like an alien, but cool.

 After I pulled it out of the bag and cleaned it over my lap I threw it in the plastic bin to card later.

Pleasantly surprised to see Michigan sand in my lap from fine tuning the fiber before carding.  I was quite tickled about it.  I knew 'dirt' was coming out and I expected it to, but up on closer inspection....SAND!

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  1. I didn't know you were into carding and the whole process! I have been carding some this winter and would love to have a set of "combs" to try that method. I enjoyed washing the fleeces I purchased. Yes, it's amazing how much dirt comes out during the process. I forget that we are noted for sand here in Michigan! Not so much elsewhere, apparently!