Friday, April 4, 2014

...He is kind

My husband ran down to Bloomington today and stopped off in Martinsville to pick up some fiber for me at Sheep Street Fibers.  I specifically asked for the black/white stripey Corriedale sliver.   At right is BFL and left is a light blue Shetland from the Sheep Street Fibers farm.


  1. Yes, that's pretty! I just bought a white Blue-Faced Leicester fleece. I still need to get to the farm to pick it up. Don't know when I'll get the processing done, since I haven't yet finished the Romney fleeces from last fall! But BFL is one of my favorites to spin and so I couldn't resist a little 2 lb. fleece to try! Do you have a project planned for the new roving once it's spun?

  2. PS: that BFL next to the Corriedale has some very intriguing colors. Did you buy all three or just the Corriedale? I would be anxious to know how that BFL color scheme spins up if you bought it!