Thursday, March 27, 2014

...Icelandic wool

Icelandic Fleece.

Prepared Icelandic wool.
I was very excited for this class because when I first started knitting I watched the Elizabeth Zimmermann videos over and over and she seemed to use Icelandic wool for everything!  So now I was finally able to meet some face to face.   I really liked it.    Alas, I had a really nice picture of the raw fleece and some samples that I had spun up and I lost it in cyberspace.  :( 

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  1. Lovely. I was gifted two huge balls of Icelandic roving from a friend in our guild. She raises them a few miles from my house. I enjoyed it very much. Looks just like what you have pictured here! I made a scarf from it so far, more left to work into projects! Have fun!