Monday, April 1, 2013

Po Co Mittens

This book is a wonderful resource for mittens.  I chose a little mitten with ravens on it.  It didn't surprise me when my mittens reflected squawking parrots.  I wanted to use up the small portions of the Cormo and Polwarth yarns that I had spun.  I knew, since the yarns were not uniform and won't be for quite some time, that the pattern would be uneven, etc.   This practice mitten was so fun to knit.  Cormo and Polwarth are soft and quite enjoyable to knit with.  Currently I favor the Cormo.   As odd as the mitten turned out, I LOVE it. It is soft and squishy and warm. I see myself making lots of these mitten sets. 


  1. Awesome! I've still got hanks of unused yarn I've spun. You are so diligent and what a complicated pattern to do! A lady in my spinning and weaving group knits Scandinavian/Latvian mittens on a frequent basis. Hers are gorgeous (as are yours) and some she has done with Kool Aid dyed yarn. Very nice knitting, keep up the good work.