Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Letting go of the Nightmare.

Those of you who have read this blog for a while know that our house, much to our dismay, was foreclosed on.   Not only that, but when it went to Sheriff's Sale, the church that we attended next door, bought it.  While my husband had spoken with the 'owner' of the church several times before and after the acquisition, it was not our intention to just let the house go.  My husband thought after the conversations he had with the owner that the owner understood that we still wanted the house and if he could get it for us, we would pay him back.  When the time came he bought the house with church funds to be used as their parsonage and therefore, we could not buy it back, unless they sold it in future and then it would have to be at fair market value.  Needless to say, we  were saddened by this.  But, we were able to purchase an old gutted home in town and fix it up and actually just paid off the final payment to the fella we were buying it from last month!  So now we have no house payment; no bank involved.  The taxes are low and we will be paying them soon.  So things are looking up.  But while all of the foreclosure/sheriff's sale was going on we received a form from the Independent Foreclosure Review to see if we qualified for being foreclosed on 'improperly'.   After all of this time we finally got a payment from them.  It was a very small percentage of what the house was worth and there is no appeal process, but it makes me feel better that I can show you this snippet from the form, to say that they know that we were wrongfully foreclosed.     If you want to read my prior laments you can go to the label "Troubling Times".  You can also go to "New Home" and see the work that we did on this new house.
God has provided for us graciously.
The sun is shining today and it should be beautiful and 76°.  So as I finish the post I am saying good bye to this nightmare we have been living through and hello to a bright future! 
Until next time.

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