Sunday, November 25, 2012

Attempt #2 to Spin Wool

 I spent this spinning lesson on a Lendrum spinning wheel.  I liked this wheel a little better than the one I used at my first lesson.   It seemed to suit me better than the other.  Kate adjusted it a few times to meet my needs and then everything seemed to flow. 

She taught us how to card using the Schacht carder.  I found the motions of carding to be hypnotic in a way.  Very soothing.  In this card was some dyed Border Leicester locks.  Heavenly.

 I was able to spin a little white Cormo wool, Shetland wool and this Border Leicester wool intermittenly .  I changed off and on to get a feel for each wool and to practice adding new wool.  At the end of the class Kate took off  two separate pieces of spun wool and wound each to a plastic bobbin.  Then we made a two-ply piece of yarn by winding them together to the left onto the wheel.  Then we wound it onto the niddy noddy shown here.

Kate then tied them at certain spots and at last I had my two-ply yarn shown below.
Twisted into a hank.
Here is a shot of the Shetland wool and Border Leicester wool before carding.
An up close shot of my very uneven wool...but it's supposed to be like that because I am only a beginner! I love it's character.You can see where some spots were really good and others...not so much.

Until next time.


  1. How wonderful that you are learning to spin wool, Mrs. Lawson! It has been on my want-to-learn list for a few years now.
    For the last two years, a neighbor who owns several alpacas has given me the fiber from their shearing. It is so soft! I also received a set of carders for my birthday in June, and have enjoyed using them a little. I am hoping to acquire a spinning wheel one of these days. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing your adventures in spinning!


  2. It all sounds so familiar! Your wool looks so good! I love to spin Cormo! I am considering getting some kind of Leicester sheep when I get sheep. Most of the spinners I hang out with use Lendrum wheels. I will definitely have one next time I purchase a wheel! Keep up the VERY good work!

  3. I love it!!

    I actually knit up my first spun yarn, I made some slipper socks. They turned out great and I even wear them.