Sunday, November 11, 2012

Attempt #1 to Spin Wool

Yesterday I spent the afternoon learning to spin.  I was able to bring home two samples of my work. Ha!   I tried to remain calm while spinning because I knew that my efforts would not produce a nice little skein of spun wool.  Rather, I spent my time practicing the hand motions, trying to let my muscles get acclimated to the motion of pinching, pulling, holding the wool in my left hand as if it were a bird-keeping control of it but not want to squish the bird, treadling to the right, treadling at the right speed, sitting up straight but sitting comfortably at the same time. 
My first bit of spinning was done with a pretty white wool the name of which escapes me.  There was a lot to take in and I was doing good to sit behind the wheel and function with IT.  This wool seemed to want to be spun, almost as if it had waited its whole life to do it and at last here it was getting spun by a ROOKIE.  Poor little wool.  But it's plight was not in gave me hope to spin again.

My second wool was different and oooooo sooooo soft and it seemed that the fibers were a different length so I had to relearn what I had just learned on the white wool.  It was a whole other animal-literally!  It was so very different.  I went back to finish the last little bit of the white wool so I would end my session on a happy note and not a disappointing note.
Here they are side by side...the one on the right seems to look a little happier, but it seemed to be the hardest.

If I thought I should have been able to learn to spin completely and totally yesterday, then I would be a very sad gal indeed today.  But I know it will take a while, maybe a long long while to learn this art and I am willing to make every effort to do it.  So bear with me as I do.   
I don't have a wheel yet so I can only spin when I am at class here.
It was a fun class and part two is coming up in a couple weeks. 
Our teacher was a lovely young lady who is quite accomplished and a joy to work with.  You can get to know her here. 
Trading Post Fibers provided a wheel for me to use.  It looked like this.
Next time I hope to use a different style in hopes to eventually find one that I like enough to purchase.   
Well, that was my first spinning adventure.  It was fun.


  1. Hang in there, I took a spinning class few months ago, I am no good with a drop spindle, and only slightly better with a wheel. Bought a wheel few weeks ago, on 3rd bobbin so far, time will tell.

  2. Sounds like a very enjoyable craft to learn. It will be encouraging to see you develop this and it will give me high hopes that I can learn it as well eventually.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Congratulations from a fellow spinner! I think it looks like you did a fine job! Remember, when you are finally "accomplished," it will be nearly impossible to repeat the trendy, "novelty," yarn that your first attempt produced! Keep up the good work! I am so happy for your new venture!