Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wool Samples

When I learned to knit a few years ago I was directed to read Elizabeth Zimmermann books.  I did.  I also watched her DVDs.   Her work gave me the desire to knit an Aran sweater.  "This is the YEAR".(the late Ron Santo would always say this over the Chicago Cubs.....that year hasn't came yet for them....but it has come for me).  While I am not knitting a pattern from Elizabeth I definitely will in the future.   I finally ordered the wool sample card from Schoolhouse Press.  After reading about Sheepsdown, Sheepswool and Icelandic wool, etc., I had to understand what they looked like and how they feel to the touch.  I certainly wasn't disappointed when I received them and I have been mesmerized by them all day.  :)   The picture doesn't show the alpaca/wool blend.  It is wonderfully soft.  The wool isn't offensive at all and it feels comfy against my skin, but there is just something about alpaca........

Out of all the samples I can't really narrow down my favorite yet....they all have their own appeal.
Have you knit with Schoolhouse Press wools?  Which one is your favorite.  What did you make?  I think will make an Aran coat (someday).

Until next time.

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  1. I spin my own alpaca and alpaca/wool. I am also currently spinning 100% Icelandic. I love the alpaca and made a lovely shawl out of it. The Icelandic is nice too, though probably for different reasons. You will learn your favorites. I'm still in the learning stages and having such fun! I have friends close by who raise Icelandic and can purchase Alpaca easily nearby as well.