Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bad Kitty

Margaret's kitten, Moses has been a bad kitty.  Following in the popular 'pet shaming' that is on the internet, I had to follow suite.
While he 'didn't get' what all the fuss was about....the little signs made ME feel better.
Margaret graciously cleaned up all of the crime scenes.   We are finding out that he is really finicky with the litter box.  So Margaret has been put on strict litter control.   Things have gotten better but he hasn't attained perfection in his potty habits just yet.


  1. What an adorable little face, though!! I bet you couldn't stay mad too long!! lol!!

  2. oh dear

    I still am amazed that the 4 legged creatures potty train faster than the 2 legged ones (at least where my kids were concerned :) ).


  3. I just wanted to encourage you to persevere. We adopted two kittens last December and both were great with using the litterbox until June. All of a sudden, our female started pooping on our kitchen floor instead of using the box.
    We tried several different things and finally discovered that she had evidently gotten trapped in the covered box at some point and was afraid. Once we removed the lid, she went back to the litterbox and hasn't had a problem since.
    I realize that your kitten may be having different issues, but sometimes it just takes finding the right answer. :-)