Friday, December 2, 2011

Losing Power Has It's Perks

We were quite fortunate when the recent sneaky little snow storm came through last Tuesday that our power was out only a little over 3 hours. Others had to wait for a few days. :(
During those three hours...Margaret serenaded Molly and I with non-electric instruments. The cello and piano.


  1. What a gorgeous photo of the music and candles! The light makes it look like a scene from a dickens novel!

  2. The things we miss - because of electricity. Looks like a sweet time.

    (and I love your new blog template!)

  3. It's a different world without power isn't it.

  4. Very beautiful pics--so soothing. I think losing power is not a good thing, but usually slows life down and I find it to be calming after the initial disgust wears off!