Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Heart Hat

In her book, Knitting Workshop, Elizabeth Zimmermann shares a cute and quick heart hat. I passed it over time and time again as I looked through this book. The other really struck me so I did a quick practice knit of the heart and I was 'off to the races'. It is such a cute hat when finished....I just don't have a small cranium handy for modeling. Of course the hat and heart can be the same color.

The directions call for longer I-cord tie, but I chose the 'fold it over and hook it to a button' method. :)

The pattern also says that the heart, when knitted as is, can be used as an elbow patch on a beloved's sweater. How cute.
If you are on Ravelry check out the EZ Heart Hat for different variations.

Until Next Time.
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  1. Oh that is really cute. I've never made that hat either, I must try it. I love your closure and the different colours really make the heart stand out.