Thursday, October 20, 2011

When Trouble Comes.....and it will come. pt. 2

I suppose I should tell you what my current 'trouble' is. I say 'current' because all of life seems to have troubles. Each decade of my life brought with it its own decade of trouble. A lot of the trouble I experienced came about from poor choices that I made.
This particular trouble is partly due to poor choices( of trusting a 'friend') and to not being studied up on what certain procedures entail.
This trouble is minor compared to some, but it is a trouble nonetheless. At the same time I am a firm believer that God opens doors when others close. And when the God of the Universe opens doors for out! Great things happen. So as I tell you a little of my trouble, don't feel bad more me. I have have learned a huge lesson.
Lesson Learned: Be careful who you trust. Know what "Sheriff's Sale" means.

After three years of struggling with our mortgage company....the Sheriff's Sale finally came. Over the three years we applied for every
program the bank offered. The bank is a Freddie Mac relative. :)
The bank either said we made too much or we made too little. Program after program-we were denied. My husband's 12-day stay in the hospital started the trouble. That was 3.5 years ago. Morphine, alternated antibiotics and a smart doctor saved his life. But after the hospital, more antibiotics, a long recovery time and loss of income due to being self employed. That is when we became late on our house payments.
My husband had MRSA and the two surgeries on his leg had to heal OPEN.....redressed and packed with medicated gauze every other day. A PICC line allowed him to have antibiotics after he left the hospital. Then when the PICC line was removed it became infected. More antibiotics.
It took a long while for him to work a full day again. Fast forward to NOW. Chris can out work anyone I know. Fast forward to NOW again and we are at the Sheriff's Sale. We didn't plan well for it. But just so YOU know, in case YOU ever are faced with this situation. I know we aren't the only home foreclosed on in the nation. So in case you know of someone.....tell them this.
After you have exhausted all avenues with the mortgage company and they say the words...foreclosure and the deputy brings a notice to your door of a Sheriff's Sale, learn everything you can about a Sheriff's Sale. Go to your county offices web site and find out...go to your courthouse and find out...go to a lawyer and find out. Don't trust anyone but yourself to find out. Do it!. You will be surprised to know that some homes can be purchased at a Sheriff's Sale for a fraction of the costs of the assessed value. The assessed value and the amount you owe the bank are different. In certain instances...the amount you can buy a home for at a S.S. is ridiculous. Our house assessed for $61,400.00.
To make a long story short the church we have attended and faithfully served for four years purchased our home at the S.S.( it is the church my husband put the steeple on). We offered to buy it back off of them...because we really didn't want to move and we didn't just stop paying our mortgage because we are lazy. They said their hands were tied and they couldn't sell it to us....conflict of interest and all. That is all fine and well. They have graciously said we could rent from them til June. We wouldn't have to stay if we found a place to move to before that.
So without further ado.....please know your Sheriff's Sales and foreclosures before becoming like us.....looking for a place to rent. As you know, we recently acquired Molly because the home she was in couldn't give her the attention they thought she deserved. So finding a rental home that takes pets(she is better behaved than some people I know) is going to be difficult.
The amount of money the church paid for our home, which has been in my husband's family for decades and decades...was $13,500.00 We offered them $14,000,000. Nope. We even offered $23,500.00 to buy our little shack back. Nope. But they did agree to let us have first chance at it if they ever do decide to sell Fair Market Value of course. :)

So basically that is my tale in a nutshell. I thought it would take more posts to say this but I pretty much got off my chest what I wanted to say. I don't understand why the bank was so hard to deal with during the years and I don't understand why the church won't part with it. But I don't have to.
Proverbs says: Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
So, ya know what? I think that is what I will do and I will remember His words more than the trouble. :)
I love you all my bloggy friends. Thanks for listening it just helps to write it out.

Until next time.


  1. I will be praying for you!!! You are right, we need to find things out for ourselves!


  2. I don't know whether to say "wow" or "ouch" or "I'm sorry" or...well, I'll just say all three. I'll admit the church thing troubles me far more than the mortgage company. After all, what do you expect from the world. Oy. Praying you'll be settled soon. I sure do understand what it is to be in limbo!

  3. wow! The Church thing also gets my goose but that would be because I am well aware of how that type of thing works having been a PK. I will pray that God changes some hearts or give you the best blessing ever... !

  4. To Mrs. Lawson,
    For some time now I have enjoyed reading from your postings. I would like you to know that I am praying for your family. Illness and financial hardship are not easy to cope with; I am no stranger to either myself. I admire your courage.
    May God bless Mr. Lawson, yourself, Maggie and Molly.

    Thanks so much for the encouraging blog,
    Justin Nicholls

  5. I am sad you are going through this. Like the others have posted, the church part is unsettling. Whatever their reasons, it is a sure thing that it will all 'come back around' eventually. In your world, I will trust the Father to bless and keep you in finding a new normal.

  6. Excuse me while I get something off my chest:

    "That church is NOT a church of love!" Who would put a piece of property over and above a family?

    That fact aside - As I heard Patsy Clairmont say last week at the Women of Faith conference: "Change can be good."

    I'm really sorry about this being family homestead property, but trust in the Lord and wait to see what HE has for you.

    Sorry for all of you:)

  7. being a pastors wife and a pk i totally understand the whole "church" thing. it is very sad that this would happen. i know from personal experience that the church can be a very hurtful place. we have to look to God and not the people in the church.
    our prayers are with your family. God is a God of miracles!