Monday, October 31, 2011

My First Real Yarn Shop Visit - Black Mountain, NC

When the time was near to leave on our trip to North Carolina, I googled yarn shops in the area. They had one! We have been staying at the Ridgecrest Conference Center and after the Saturday sessions were over, Chris and I jaunted into town for a little grub. Much to my "surprise" the yarn shop was in the Black Mountain Historic District...which was quaint and cute. My husband being the ever-kind creature that he is obliged my request to stop and off we ambled.

It just looked cute from the outside!

It was cute on the INside! It was really almost more than I could bear. Beautiful hanks of yarn arranged in little color-coded boxes lined the walls. A spinning wheel adorned the front windows and ladies were knitting and finishing garments as we arrived. There was excitement in the air. I asked the gentlemen who was there for sock yarn and he directed me to the softest and prettiest wool I had ever seen or felt. Awwww. He said one hank would make me a pair of socks. I had to wipe the drool from my mouth (well almost).

Have you ever seen the animated movie 'Jungle Book'? That mean ole snake was always trying to get Mowgli. At one point the snake was trying to hypnotize poor M. His eyes had twirly things going in a circle to help the process. Well, at one point I know my eyes were twirling like that. It was like I was hypnotized by all of the wool.

After I had picked my beautiful yarn I told Chris..."get me out of here"! I knew I would want everything I saw. So like the ever-kind obliging man that he is.....he got me out of there!


  1. Amazing! I do the same thing on vacation! I also can identify with the Mowgli thing--I love that scene in the movie! Yarn shops do the same thing to me!

  2. Oh how funny about the word picture of the snake hypnotizing Mowgli. I sure hope you enjoy your wool. I can't wait to see your project that comes from it!