Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sticks with a Solid Foundation

Last Monday we three started building a deck for a customer. At dark on was nearly done. With a few more finishing touches Monday will be complete. It is a 16 x 20 foot deck. Walk off that area in your grassy yard and you will wonder if it will be big enough for all of the fun you want to have on it. It will be.

In this picture some one had already came with an auger and made 24 holes in the ground.

Margaret preparing an area of the house.
Posts, cement and water to make a solid foundation.

Each post had to be level and square. The yellow contraption attached to the post is a level and it had bubbles that need to fall between certain lines to be 'level'. Each post had to be level.

These particular boards were cut by Margaret. Below you can see where they went.

The floor and then the railing. When finished the deck had lattice work all around the bottom, which was lovely.

Spindles added to the railing.

Steps looking good. Not an easy peasy thing to do, but Chris makes every thing look EASY. Honest.

Each day I came home tired and achy KNOWING I would surely die. But I didn't.

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  1. What a blessing to get to work with your family!!! I too work with my hubby and kids(when they were home) and such a treat for me!!

    Lovely deck!!