Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nickel-Plated Needles....ooooo aaaaaaaa

When I started knitting a few years ago I always used bamboo needles. After I knit for a couple more years I still loved the old bamboo. I used the Knit Picks Harmony 40 inch circulars for my two at time socks and liked them on TON! But out of necessity one day I knit with a metal needle and thought " wow they are neat!" They were smooth and the fiber slipped more effortlessly from needle to needle.....
So....I ordered the nickel plated #2 circulars for my two at a time socks and fell in love. ~It was love at first stitch~
I then decided I should have MORE nickel plated needles. Since I will be knitting some hats this fall/winter I purchased a pair 16 inch circular #8's.

Got them in the mail yesterday....aren't they cute?

Here they are liberated from their package.

But this hurt a little bit.

~happy knitting to you~


  1. I love Knit Picks nickel needles. (Lol that's a bit of a tongue twister!) I bought the interchangeable set a few years ago. Best purchase I made.

  2. I was just pondering buying some new needles. Congratulations!