Monday, August 15, 2011

Rainy Rodeo

A line of storms came through Indiana Saturday evening. Margaret and I were sitting at our county fairgrounds watching a rodeo.
The black black cloud that covered the entire western sky didn't seem to phase us...the rodeo was still going on....cowboys were 'trying' to rope steers, clowns were clowning, bulls were bellowing...
A call from my sister stated that we should "seek shelter". As soon as I hung up from her the wind picked up and we all dashed for the shelter building. The last thing I noticed was a steer roper getting engulfed by dust. All was well though. The rodeo continued after about an hour and a half. The above picture shows Margaret and I sitting under the umbrella as it continued to rain lightly for the rest of the event.

My beloved Chris has been working in New York state since Aug. 1. He usually attends with us. The picture on my sidebar of Chris sitting on a rock atop a high place was taken recently near Middletown, NY.

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  1. You both look beautiful! ;) Glad you were safe.