Saturday, August 6, 2011

The "Learner's Permit", can YOU spell S C A R Y ?

Margaret is almost 18 and she was never too worried about getting her driver's license. Well the time has come when she is READY! I just didn't know it would take place while my BELOVED was out in New York state working. He was gonna be the main ride-along person. She took her test and passed Thursday and it fell to me. Me the scaredy cat of all scaredy cats! I don't ride well in vehicles with people who have had their licenses for YEARS so I had to find a place Margaret could tootle around in the truck while not being on a main thorough fair so I, in turn, would not have a coronary. Well, we live across the river from this place.
All roads end at the river so there generally isn't a lot of traffic...perfect! So off we went. Here she is...looking quite happy with herself.

Two sad signs.

Margaret now wants to practice as much as she can. So her Granny volunteered to be the licensed ride-along person for today. Once M. gets her license I have a feeling they will be off to places far and wide.


  1. Congratulations on the license, drive safely!

  2. Congratulations Margaret! Getting your license is a big step. I remember when I passed my test I felt like I was so free, I could go anywhere and do anything. :)

  3. I totally understand the scared thing. I made Bob be the ride along with Forrest. He was and is a great driver. I am just very nervous. I've sure Maggie will do just fine. :) So happy for her.
    Have a great day!
    Marie :)