Sunday, January 19, 2014

...fingerless gloves !

Remember this?  Polwarth

I knew this yarn was compromised so I thought I would knit up something smallish and quick, just so I could work with it and get a feel for how ill-plied yarn handles.   I chose this really fun AND quick pattern for fingerless gloves from Ravelry. 
I knit the first glove.  
I knit the second glove.  Hmmm.
I knit a third glove.  Well!!!
I knit a fourth glove.  For cryin' out loud!
Four gloves~four different sizes. Honest!  Same needles same person knitting ~ different sizes.
This is what happens when the yarn is very inconsistent, skinny in parts and fatter in other parts.
It gives me a good goal to reach for~consistent spinning hopefully will result in consistent knitting.  
So the two smaller sized gloves are M's and the two larger ones are mine.  I wear mine at work when it gets a little too chilly.  I type all day and I gotta keep my digits warm!   Isn't it ironic that fingerless gloves can keep your fingers warm?

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  1. Those gloves are beautiful! You were describing my hand spun yarn! Yours looks very consistent to me! Mine is truly thick and thin. If I ever get consistency in my hand spun yarn, I will blog about it for sure!