Thursday, November 14, 2013

.....two rights, three lefts...

 So, word on the street says spin to the right-ply to the left....or vice versa.  I dutifully spun it to the right.  Then to my horror I plied it to the right as well.  I was almost done with this two-ply yarn when I realized my mistake.  Curious if my last couple days of spinning were in vain, I asked friends on social media if it would have any use in this state.  Spinner extraordinaire,  Kate  answered with a solution:   Just send it back through the wheel to the left. Either go slowly so you can remove right ply twist as well as adding enough left ply twist, or put back through the wheel to the left twice.  I chose the latter with one extra time through to the left because I wasn't applying myself the first two times.  :)  So I sent it through 3 times.   It turns out a sweet little yarn.  You can really see the difference in the photos. 

The hand-dyed Polwarth top yet to be spun.  4oz.    It was amazing to me to watch the color come out of this as I spun it.
Spun, not plied.  Pretty.
Spun, not plied.  Still very pretty.
Plied to the right....pretty..but........

This is prettier.  Spun to the right, plied to the right and "re-plied" three times to the left.  LOL

It just kept taking on new looks and colors.  Amazing.

It made me happy.

Finished.  Not perfect....because the spinner isn't perfect.  We got along just fine.  :)


  1. That is really pretty! So glad to hear it worked out even if you had to take some extra steps. A fascinating color combination. Did you just spin randomly or try to get certain colors at certain times? I spun some "bling," and was knitting with it tonight. It is plum, teal, raspberry metallic, and some gold. It looks like "peacock" as the best description. I love the stuff because no two areas of finished product are ever alike. I am crocheting some motifs for the ends of a scarf and it's so much fun because it changes all the time and yet all pieces blend well. Beautiful post!

  2. Great job, Lou! I'm so glad that you put this together as a post. And isn't it nice when the learning process still leaves us with beautiful, happy yarn? Kudos! ~Kate.