Thursday, July 18, 2013

I haven't gotten to spin much on my new Lady Bug spinning wheel [ which actually looks like E.T. when covered with a sheet].  I have been busy doing other things this very hot July.  Today I am canning green beans.  Canning beans is always an adventure for me, especially, in my very small kitchen.  It's the first time canning in it.  My dream kitchen would have two gas cook tops and two pressure canners and two sets of sinks.  Here is a look at what's been happening in my neighborhood.  :)

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  1. Is that nice garden yours? I try and try every year, but I think I have poor soil. I get little amounts of stuff so I've started thinking of mine as a "kitchen garden." I struggle to get enough beans to run the cooker. I do have the two kitchens, several pressure cookers, and two stoves--but not enough beans! See how it goes? Otherwise, it looks a lot like my neighborhood! Corn, canning jars, etc. Enjoyed the pictures.