Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Saturday

Saturday we three (Chris came home from NY for a couple days) had a busy day.
A birthday and swimming party for some 'littles', funeral home viewing, and a wedding!
Events seem to always happen at the same time so we would have to choose which one to attend, but these three were spaced out just right so we could attend all three (well I did anyway).
We all attended the first two, Margaret and I attended the wedding and I attended the reception.
After the party/funeral viewing Chris went home to rest before leaving at midnight to drive back to New York. That left Margaret and I to drive to the wedding. I had never been to Gaston before...and now I know why. You just can't get there from here!!!!
Well really you can but it is kind of touch-n-go if you can really make it or not.
Our directions were not strong enough for my intellect. But by the grace of God, stopping to ask for directions and a whole lot of laughter, we made it...with 10 minutes to spare.
After stopping to ask for directions at a gas station and putting the laughter on pause, we turned around to find this sign staring at us.
Have I missed something in the news about Hank? What's going on? To see this sign after driving on windy, bumpy, ill-paved roads made me wonder!

Or maybe it has something to do with the sign below it....'they sell real Tennessee moonshine".

Or maybe they just love Ol' Hank.

Until next time.
Oh and remember, anytime you need an "L" you can always use upside down "7's".

Well, I have since been brought up to speed on this issue. GO HANK!


  1. This post made me laugh! Not sure why, but I found myself chuckling at the end.

    I think the sign is referring to the song that Hank has written about the ridiculous thing that happened to him a few weeks ago with the media. He wrote a song about America and it is very true and good! Go to his website and check it out!