Saturday, November 19, 2011

History of the land our home sits on.

The land that I sit on today came from a land grant to a Miami Indian chief named Jean Baptiste (Wildcat) Richardville. He is number six on this list.

The 'land grant' came from President of the United States, James Polk. This site list more information about him. It states he owned more than 20 square miles of choice land. There are 640 acres in a square mile ( at least that is what I got when I googled it) That is a lot of land and this little piece I write from today was part of it. Kind of cool. But if you think about it all of this "Northwest Territory" was someones before the government came along. Must have been an early version of 'eminent domain'.

As I hold these documents, I think about how things were back then...peaceful? serene? beautiful?.....maybe/maybe see people are the same in every generation.....


  1. Lou,
    This is soo intersting to me! I have always wanted to search our family's heritgae and would love to find out about this ol'house we live in. It would be so neat to see a old pioneer family standing on the same ground my kids and I play on. soo neat!!

  2. I love these interesting historical things since this stuff is part of my job too! I am going to be posting some neat stuff pretty soon if I ever get it together!