Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catching Up

Seems like forever since I posted here. I guess there is just nothing new right now. Been busy with home and part-time job, knitting, etc. The thought of next month's "Bread" has crossed my mind and did just that-crossed it. It hasn't came back. lol
The weather is soooooo soggy. Rain rain and more rain. March is generally my least favorite month, but this year the winner of that category is April. We have some veggies planted in the raised gardens and the peas are poking through.
We put our sweet dog, Jenna, to sleep this week. She was 8.5 yrs. old. Her health was failing to a point where it was just better for her to 'take the long nap'.
Our desktop computer went caput.
But through all of my grumbling I inwardly smile. Because tomorrow is Easter. Easter recognizes that Jesus AROSE from the tomb-which is where my hope comes from. This is the most important holiday we celebrate. If this didn't take place (and I am glad it DID) nothing else would make sense. So may I say to you...Happy Easter and may you be blessed.


  1. Louellen, So sorry about Jenna. We are at that same decision point with our Daisy...crying inside and trying to decide. But you are so right about Easter! I heartily agree that this is the greatest holiday! I too planted peas in my raised beds as well as onions. Got the potatoes in the ground too!

  2. Happy Easter to you all! I hope you have a lovely day. Sorry to hear about your dog, it's hard to let them go, isn't it?