Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Alpaca Hat

Remember our trip to Kentucky last year? You can see it here. We went to a fiber fest AND a stock dog trial. Both very fun...well actually I was the only one at the fiber fest, just over the hill from the trial. I stayed for a couple hours. But I bought my first ever Alpaca fiber to knit with. I bought one skein of hand spun local Kentucky alpaca fiber. I was giddy. So I knit up a hat. You can see it here on my head. This was our 'go-to' hat all winter. Walking the dog, getting the mail, driving into town, etc. It was either on my daughter's head or mine. I am NOT saying anything ill about sheep's wool, but I DO want to say how pleased I am with this fiber. Although this particular hat style wasn't the greatest for that strong freezing north wind, it still served us well. Not every day in the winter is windy.
What I like the MOST about this hat is it never loses or forgets its shape. When not in use it goes back to its 'resting' shape, like a rubber band does when not being stretched.
It gladly stretches to any shape on ones head, as you can see in the below pics, and snuggly stays there. My disclaimer on this post would be that I can only speak thusly about hand spun alpaca fiber knit in two by two ribbing all the way up-since it is the only thing I have knit in alpaca. Isn't it fun to say alpaca?


  1. I love Alpaca too, it's so soft! I've made mittens and a baby bonnet with it before, and am currently working on a jumper for myself at the moment. It really feels like a luxurious fibre!

  2. I love Alpaca too. It's one of my favorite fibers to spin and knit. However, I do like an alpaca/wool blend. I knit a shawl of pure alpaca once. I hope I have something homemade to post soon. Seems like a long dry spell of blogging about other things!