Friday, March 25, 2011

Thornless Blackberry Plant

I recently purchased a blackberry plant in hopes to have my own blackberries someday, next year I guess. I have gained quite a bit of knowledge from Rob over at A Gardener's Diary, specifically this post about blackberries.

I think I should have had it in the ground already, but it is so cold still, I hated to take a chance in jeapardizing its health. :)
It has grown a couple new leaves, which is encouraging. I need to find the perfect spot to plant it.


  1. we have a ton of those bushes in our backyard. i can tell you, once you get it going, it's easy to cut off branches and plant them in the ground and though the original branch you planted in the ground will die, new ones will sprout all around it. very easy. all we do is trim them as they can grow very unruly very quickly. we have tons of berries every year.

  2. Mmm. Blackberries are gorgeous. When we were kids, our Dad would pack us all in the car in September and we'd drive to this country road that was lined with wild blackberry bushes. NOM. My Dad would make the best jam with it!

  3. My experience with blackberries and black raspberries (at least the wild kind) is that they are very hardy and almost invasive. You'll be wondering how you could ever have worried about its health!