Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adriana's Soft Kiss Scarf

It's how Moses and I roll in the mornings.   (he's the cat)  I am knitting up the pretty Merino Bamboo Silk blend roving that I picked up in Michigan and handspun.  This will be my first complete project by myself.  :)   The pattern is in Spin Off Magazine's Fall 2013 issue.  It is very ironic that Margaret picked this roving out before I even saw the pattern.  Notice the similarity of colors.  :)

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  1. Amazing! You are progressing so fast! I've still only made one item from my handspun! I think I have access to that magazine this week at the Fair with all the other guild members there. I'll have to check it out! One of our members won Judges' Choice with a beautiful handspun lace scarf. It is the only Judge's Choice in the entire needlework barn, I believe!