Monday, June 18, 2012


I have been practicing making cables.  Not a strong point with me, but that is why I am practicing.  :)  I did three swatches so far of different wools to get a feel for it and to see which fiber I liked with the cables.  The grey is the Wool-Ease blend with the Triple-Braided Diamonds, the white is Knit Picks Wool Swish with the Double Cable or Horseshoe Cable and the brown is the Lion's Brand Fisherman wool with a  Staghorn Cable.  All of these cable patterns came from Barbara G. Walker's A Treasury of Kniiting Patterns.  I want desperately to make an Aran sweater.   I am currently looking at Janet Szabo's book Aran Sweater Design.    I don't want to design my own because that would just take too much thinking power for me, but I may knit one from a pattern.


  1. Looking great!

    The most I've done with cables is a swatch. Cables are so pretty! But not sure I have knitting time that I can focus so closely (usually my knitting time is when multi-tasking).


    1. Ahhh....Cables--one of my favorites! These look beautiful! I am curious which you like best. I have done a lot of cables in my life. Makes the knitting more interesting.

  2. All your swatches look beautiful, you have great stitch definition with all three yarns. If you want to try a "traditional" aran though, I'd go with the white Knit Picks. After all, Aran Islands sweaters were knit with báinín (bawn-een) which is natural white wool.
    As for a pattern, how about trying EZs Aran from Knitting Around, or if you don't fancy EZ maybe a Kathy Zimmerman pattern. While not traditional Arans (if there is such a thing) she does design beautiful cabled sweaters.