Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Pantility!

The kitchen will be a tad on the smallish side. Well, it wouldn't be if we didn't put in the fridge, stove, dishwasher and sink! Ha! But.....we decided we would. So as we plan things out it gets smaller. Off of the kitchen is the little garage. Chris decided to make a pantry / utility room out of a section of the garage. Thus, the title of this post. So yesterday we did the floor. Ceiling and the new wall are forthcoming. I want to keep the gray walls and ratty windows. When I was young we lived next to my grandma and her house old and COOL. Her front porch was wooden planks that were painted -in my memory- this color of gray. So I let Chris know that if he wasn't set on covering it up I would love to keep it like that. It will be cheaper to keep it like that and we are all about 'cheap'...well we are about keeping costs down. We didn't go cheap when we bought the toilet and I can't wait to show it to you-soon.

He put on a few layers to get to the right height and keep the moisture off the actual floor. The actual floor is DIRT COLORED. I have wanted a dirt colored floor for a long time. You the dirt won't show as much. Molly's chocolate lab hair will blend right in!!! We bought some of the 'less' expensive stick on tiles. I was loving it til toward the end I realized that drywall dust tracked over the floor leaves foot prints! So hopefully once the drywall dust has been ERADICATED! **never will happen** will look dirt should look. :)

This block board (I think that is was it is called) went down first.

Then another layer.
He was going to put Luan down, but this was a bit cheaper so he tried it.

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  1. The whole house is going to be so comfy cozy and lovely! Such hard work. I am glad you are documenting it. It brings back so many memories for us when we did a huge renovation to a home.