Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes

This is another recipe from the Cooking Free book by Carol Fenster. The chocolate cake recipe in cupcake form. The icing is from the Betty Crocker cook book. This combination makes for a VERY tasty cupcake.

The recipe says to fill 12 cupcake molds. Well, a couple months ago I dropped a 1/2 pint Ball jar on the corner of my Pampered Chef muffin stone. :( It snapped the corner cupcake well right off. So now I have an 11 cupcake - muffin pan. At first I was sad. But after making the blueberry muffins and these cupcakes in the ELEVEN pan...I find that they are taller and happier looking. So try filling 11 cups instead of 12 and see how it does for you.

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