Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pizza Dough - Bread Month Four

So you will know where I am coming from this chilly February evening........

If you can't see it very well. It is indicating a 60 degree difference from inside to outside. I guess I am just saying this because I am chilly sitting here at 69 degrees. Anywhooo, it will be colder when we all awake in the morning.

The bread I am working on this month is pizza dough. Pizza dough has been a thorn in my side for years. I just can not make it come out right. So a while back I looked on YouTube to see how others did it. I found this one. Seemed easy enough. It is Wolfgang Puck's recipe. I hopped on over to here.
It has the printed recipe. So with great anticipation and some...hesitation I started making the dough.

We were to mix it with a mixer until it pulls away from the sides and clings to the dough hooks.

Looks good so far...it is pulling away from the bowl. At this point though, I should have kept adding a little flour at time for just a little bit longer. It was just a bit sticky.

So I formed a lovely round dough glob. It was just a little sticky still...at this point I was still thinking....I should have put a little more flour in.....
but it rose nicely.

It said....divide into 4 pieces and make them pretty and round. So I did.
I then covered them with plastic wrap (plastic wrap bothers me...but we will discuss that later) and let them rise and after they rose....I covered them individually and let them live in the fridge for a day, til I needed them.

I wrestled them into little rectangles. I really wanted circles but it just wasn't gonna happen. They were still a little sticky....I wished I have put a little more flour in. :)

Oh, but looky here....things are looking up.....
Although sticky...they cooked up nice!
So......give them a try...make sure you put that extra bit of flour in there. You will be glad you did.
The amount of flour one needs generally depends on the weather...if it is moist or dry,etc. so what you do on one day may not be what you would do on another day.

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  1. While I was gone I missed seeing your posts! I just had to comment on the lovely pizza when I read this one! I have made pizza crust for years. I get tired of a recipe then switch to another. I'll have to try this one. Looks very good! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your pizza looks GREAT!! And the dough- wow!! I've been making our pizza for years but have yet to find a dough that really "wows" me. I'm definitely going to try this recipe!! Thank you SO much for sharing!!

    Mrs. U